1st Air Assault’s
ARMA 3 Promise to its members

The group strives to provide customized training and original story-based missions, balancing serious military simulation with having fun.

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Just one of the new items coming in the 1.1 update

Global Mobilization – The CLDC that keeps marching on

Arma 3’s very first CDLC, or Creator Downloadable Content pack Global Mobilization certainly caused a stir among players when released in April 2019. Opinions differed about quality and price causing[…]

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Arma 3 – The gift that keeps giving

On September 12th Arma 3 celebrated 6 years. ‘Thank you for six splendid™ years of Arma 3!’ BI wrote on the official celebratory page, ‘In celebration, we’re sending you this[…]

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Still Kicking

The ARMA titles have never been the type that quietly crawl away into the sunset and ARMA 3 is no exception. In their annual Top 100 Games ranking ARMA 3[…]

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