You were looking for Arma Air Assault but the magical online link brought you here, to the online home of 1AAFilms.

What was Arma Air Assault?
Arma Air Assault was an Arma 3 group formed in 2012 and decommissioned in 2015. Following the military doctrine of ‘Air Assault’ the group grew to approximately 55 members who enthusiastically tackled missions as seen here.

The idea for the group came from Rich and was built with players who knew each other while at a well-known Arma gaming group. The group grew from a desire of focused gameplay and a friendly, no-rank environment.

All the technical skills need to run a group was learned along the way. Training an online gaming group, hosting and managing TeamSpeak and gaming servers, even building basic missions were all learned in real time with real members.

A few years after being decommissioned, many of Arma Air Assaults members would come together for Response Force Alpha.

Why are you here?
This website redirects those interested in the gaming group to a big part of Response Force Alpha, its videos. The same video editor who created the videos for Arma Air Assault, Response Force Alpha, and 1st Air Assault is the same video editor for 1AAFilms.

Going beyond the online gaming group Response Force Alpha, 1AAFilms focus is to produce gaming videos and more particularly, videos focused on the world of Bohemia Interactive’s ARMA series of titles.

1AAFilms gained much attention through its tutorials around mods and systems used in Arma 3, videos about in-game tactics and training as well as mission-making tutorials.

1AAFilms will continue this tradition with videos created for the Arma community and gaming groups including generic training videos covering in-game systems and tactics.

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