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    First, thank you for expressing an interest in joining 1st Air Assault!

    We would recommend you either watch our promotional or operational videos to understand who we are, how the group does things and whether its something you’d like to do week after week. We even have our Fundamental Skills Training Module one available to the public which goes into great detail about 1st Air Assault.

    Once you feel it might be a good fit, make sure you meet all the following requirements;

    • The group meets every week as detailed in 1st Air Assault’s Official Operational Schedule. Not only can you regularly make those times in their entirety but outside of life being life, you expect to have consistent attendance.
    • You can play ARMA 3 without using excessive profanity. We understand stuff slips out occasionally but 1st Air Assault isn’t the group for gamers who drop the F-Bomb every other sentence.
    • Working microphone
    • Legal copies of Arma 3 and the following DLC’s
    • Apex
    • Tanks

    If all the above are an affirmative, head over to our membership application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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