Joining 1st Air Assault/Application Form
The Membership Process is as follows;
  • Complete the Membership Application found here

  • Once reviewed and approved, you'll receive a 'welcome to the group' email detailing your new access to the website, forums, Teamspeak and how to get on the 1st Air Assault server. The email will include links to modpacks and instructions on how they should be setup

  • New members (referred to as Members-in-Training or MIT) are required to complete three (3) modules of basic training (called Fundamental Skills Training) within 5 weeks of being accepted into the group

  • Of course MIT's can and are expected to join the weekly operations while they make their way through the Fundamental Skills Training.

  • If MIT's need any help on anything, they should reach out to existing members ion the forums or on Teamspeak. We sort of hope you'll be on there anyway to hang out and get to know everyone!
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