State of the Nation Jan 2022
The group enjoyed a State of Nation before our official mission on Sunday Jan 09 2022. It was an opportunity for members to give feedback about the group, their experience and suggest changes. The meeting was open to feedback, whether positive or to express concerns, with everything expected to be given in a manner that followed our core value of respect.

For members who didn't attend on Sunday or those who would like to hear the discussion again, here is an unedited recording of the meeting -

Members who didn't attend should make every effort to listen to the recording. Below is a summary of what was discussed.

Some concerns brought up;
  • Communications - Clean up in-game comms, who is expected to listen to what.
  • Communications - Better and more timely responses to communications between EC and membership
  • Mission flow - Should we expect non-stop action. What should mission flow look like?
  • Attendance sheets - A request was made for SC's to have access to the official attendance records to help them manage their section.
Overview from Executive Command
  • How strict do we need to be on our operational standards? Example, if members arrive late to missions (15 minutes prior to operational start)
  • More participation from members helping with stuff that makes the group work
  • Scheduling training, both FST and additional
  • Checking forums and discord. Responding to both.
Server costs
Our server costs $720 a year. While some members have donated, the financial burden is falling on the shoulders on one person. If each member donated $20 once, it would total 12 months of server costs. 
  • Donations can made by going here - Send a donation to a coffer
  • The money is sent directly to our hosting service and deducted from the amount charged to the credit card on file.
  • If a member would like recognition for their donation, use the email account on their forum account. If a member is unsure what that is they can go into the settings of their forum account or reach out to EC. If this email account isn't linked to their PayPal (or form of payment) and would like EC to know about the donation, send a PM telling EC which email account they used.
  • There will be no public recognition but certainly a nod from EC.
  • Again, is the group worth $20 a year?
Finally, we asked and discussed the opportunity for members to join committees or teams to help with the workload that keeps the groups high standards of communication

This is just an overview. Members should listen to the recording for the full discussion on each topic. If those in attendance feel a topic was omitted from the recap, please comment below.

Any thoughts after listening to the recording, or thoughts that weren't brought up, should be left below.
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As for the server costs, I would simply like to note to anyone looking to donate, that there are absolutely no fees, not one cent, all of it goes straight to keeping the lights on, donating a five bucks here, five bucks there with a month in between can really help.
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István. S, 
Honor, Effort, Respect
R & U.
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It was a good discussion, it's good to have these so we can see where we stand as a group. Everyone should be having fun every week, and talks like these are the way to see how we can accomplish that.
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Read, understood and appreciated.
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