Group Update DEC 02
Executive Command would like to update everyone with the following;

There are upcoming holidays for many members and as is the tradition with 1st Air Assault, we offer a group furlough to allow members to enjoy time with their family and loved ones. There will be no official 1st Air Assault activities on Saturday DEC 25, Sunday DEC 26, Saturday JAN 01 or SUN JAN 02.

We usually discuss/organize unofficial stuff, so members should watch the forums/discord for more information.

Finishing off the year
Between our server issues and the number of Sundays left in 2021, we are postponing Sturge's scheduled deployment. Instead, we're going to run missions on vanilla maps, testing the mod pack and white-listing.

Other activities we'll be looking at as we wrap up the year are;
  • Playing through training/operation missions, a regular feature for the new year
  • A crack team of members will work diligently on loadout compositions which will lighten the load on mission makers.
  • EC are working on additional presents that may be opened before the end of the year!
Any members with questions should feel free to reach out to Executive Command (Gary, Lightfoot and Rich)
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R & U
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Read and Understood.
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Read and understod
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R & U
R & U
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