The closing of Squeaks Side Ops
If you guys check the discord pretty often you would see me periodically advertising my side ops that i both make and run. It is with great sadness and regret that i have to stop doing these side ops for the foreseeable future because of attendance. It is no ones fault but my own, i flew too close to the sun and my wings melted away you might say. I plan to bring this back near the end of the school semester so those of us who attend junior high and high school will have the chance to attend without having to worry about dodging school schedules and what not. I am sorry to those who both attended and enjoyed these ops as i know many of the few people looked forward to them on days they could attend. Hopefully when it comes back we'll see more people join so i can make bigger and more complex missions

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No need to bash yourself on that. Previous projects in the group tried to set up time for 1AA members to meet outside of our regular times, and most of them didn't pull through on the long run.

Filip, a former member tried to organize a weekly training where we would cover a different topic each time, this ended only after a couple sessions due to lack of attendance from membership. No one to blame really, but with members spread around the world and us mainly meeting during Sundays makes so that it's even harder to find people available
Same story happened when 1AA joined the FNF Community (a weekly PvP event staring different Arma groups). Although an EU and US time was available, and a lot of 1AA members tried it out at the time. This also fell through as things didn't relate much to what we did on Sundays, and attendance to the event by 1AA members stopped.
So you really don't have to blame yourself on it, you sure did put a lot of effort and I want to thank you for that. I wasn't able to participate mainly due to time zone difference, but I and I'm sure a lot of members did see how hard you worked on those missions.

If you ever fancy doing a one off mission or two, don't hesitate to let us know ! And if you plan it in advance, you can also put it in the 1AA Official Calendar, maybe select Calendar 2 to highlight that it's not on the official server.
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It was nice while it lasted buddy, we appreciated you making those missions and zeusing them actively for us! Maybe we can have some simple fun here and there on Liberation or Antistasi?
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