Leadership Training Saturday NOV 20 at 0800 CST/1400 GMT - Managing Sections
Mike brought up some valid points about leading a section as opposed to leading a squad.

We are going to host a training/discussion about this on Saturday NOV 20 at 0800 CST/1400 GMT. Current leadership roles and any member who has the leadership/Team Management certification are invited to attend.

As with most of our training, its open to any member who would like to attend.

No R&U or is required, but in order to understand class size, we would ask members confirm whether they're coming.
[Image: 1_1632315806.png]
I'll be there.
I’m away this weekend I’m afraid.
[Image: 97_1634399185.png]
Somebody is celebrating a BIG birthday!
[Image: 1_1632315806.png]
I'll be there.
[Image: 183_1636226324.png]
I will attend on Saturday
[Image: 256_1636226281.png]
Cannot attend, have work at 8:30AM
[Image: 240_1632869561.png]
Ill Attend
[Image: 224_1636230493.png]
[Image: 56_1632965329.png]
Will try to make it, but cannot be sure as of now.
[Image: 35_1632314149.png]

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