Delta Assessment- NOV 13 2021 - UPDATED TIME
Executive Command is proud to announce the next Delta Assessment. Delta squad's primary role is reconnaissance and Quick Response duties during operations. This is another squad/section within the group assigned specific duties, no more no less.

Interested members should meet and understand the following;
  • Completion of all FST's by the time of the assessment
  • Have and maintain 75% attendance or better
  • Be prepared to be in the server up to one full hour before official operations start (including an additional 5 minutes prior to load in the server)
  • Be available for and take part in additional training on Saturdays as per the monthly training schedule.
The assessment is designed to give interested members the opportunity to demonstrate the skill sets required by all roles within Delta squad.

It will include the following areas of knowledge and skill sets;
  • An understanding of 1st Air Assault's Standard Operating Procedures, doctrine and basic operational knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Support - QCAS and Support requests and assets
  • Reconnaissance
  • Parachuting
  • Drone usage
  • Aptitude and attitude to the squad, its role within the group and desire to learn
Some important notes about the assessment
  • The assessment will be managed by Assessment Administrators (AA). They will not give advice or training on the subject matter during the assessment. AA's are only managing and evaluating the assessment.
  • Members taking the assessment (Delta Candidates) must not cheat, help or work with other Delta Candidates during the assessment.
  • AA's will meet after the assessment is completed to review and compile information on all Delta Candidates.
  • The only results given will be in the form of those who have been accepted into Delta, final scores or comments will not be published or available to Delta Candidates or members.
  • Sections of the assessment are timed with DC's expected to follow directions and rules accordingly. 
Members who are interested in taking the Delta Assessment
  • The assessment will take place on 13 NOV 2021 0800 CST/1400 GMT
  • Its expected to take two (2) hours
  • Send a PM to Executive Command (Gary, Lightfoot and Rich) expressing interest
  • Include in the PM why you want a role in Delta and what you expect from the specialized squad
  • Ensure you have knowledge and the skill sets in all the areas detailed above
There have been a few questions raised about the assessments process.

If I can't make the initial assessment can we schedule another time to take it?
Out of respect for those who are making the time to attend the initial assessment, no we won't be offering alternative times.

I really want to be a part of Delta and can't make the initial assessment. What can we do?
Going forward, Delta will be managed in the same manner as Zulu, another specialized squad. Assessments will be scheduled at the discretion of EC based on current or future needs of Delta.
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