Changes to Operational Structure - Locked Thread
What's happening and why
As discussed on Sunday OCT 31, 1st Air Assault will be reorganizing over the next few weeks, both structure and refocusing squad duties. Here's why the changes are being made;
  • The new structure is more suited to the group's size which floats around 25-35 active members. 
  • Smaller squads will allow for building solid teams through consistently fielding the same members in the same squads
  • With fewer members to manage, each squad should be quicker in movement and response.
  • Too many duties were being placed on the shoulders of too few members.
  • Although technically Alpha was Zero Alpha's squad, the relationship wasn't being optimized.
  • Some roles have never been fully utilized while others were overused through numbers
Role changes
Alpha will be Zero Alpha's squad. Zero Alpha will be expected to operate with, and have command of, Alpha. 

Alpha will be optimized with a total of four slots;
  • Zero Alpha
  • 1-0 Kemper - Section Commander/Battlefield coordinator
  • 1-1 Lightfoot - Battlefield coordinator
  • 1-2 Potts - Medic
  • 1-0 will manage 1-1 and 1-2 under the direction of ZA
  • 1-0, 1-1 and 1-2 will be tasked with the following;
  • Offer tactical advise and act as sounding boards for Zero Alpha
  • Monitoring radio frequencies to ensure ZA is being kept informed throughout the operation
  • Collect, consolidate and maintain intel collected and marked by other squads.
  • Provide overwatch/collect intel through drones
  • Monitor support requests. In the case of bottle-necked support requests, Alpha can prioritize and/or complete simplex support requests
  • Have Zeus access to allow Zero Alpha to delegate any mission fixes during an operation.
  • Alpha members will only enter Zeus at Zero Alphas direction
As with the Designated Marksman, the scout was never fully utilized. It won't be used going forward.

As a nod to the talented members and incredible training our medics are given, we are reducing the number of medics we field every week. All our medics aren't being fully utilized.

New unit structure
Not only will there be a change in structure but in terminology. Although a minor detail, we're moving from squad-based structure to a section based structure along with British terminology.
  • Squad = Section
  • Squad Leader = Section Commander
  • Team Leader = Second-in-Command (2IC)
Sections will have the following additional duties beyond the current expectations;
  • Request Support requests and when approved either work with Zulu directly, or use Simplex
  • Collect and share intel with the rest of the group, both on command channel and through map markers
Alpha - Detailed above

Bravo, Charlie and Echo (if required by membership numbers) will be 8-person sections;
  • 1-0 Section Commander
  • 1-1 Rifleman
  • 1-2 Medic
  • 1-3 Automatic Rifleman
  • 2-0 2IC
  • 2-1 Rifleman
  • 2-2 Rifleman/Rocker
  • 2-3 Automatic Rifleman
  • 1-0 Section Commander
  • 1-1 Automatic Rifleman
  • 1-2 Medic
  • 2-0 2IC
  • 2-1 Rifleman/UAV
  • 2-2 Rifleman/Rocker
Zulu remains as is.

Step One
  • Member submit any slot request changes using this form
  • 1AA Mods will be updated to reflect the new organization and slot numbers
Step Two
  • Assignments finalized and published
  • Members forum privileges updated
  • Mod update issued
Step Three
  • Field new sections and structure
Feel free to reach out to EC directly with any questions. NO R&U is required. This thread is locked.
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