Support Certification Awards
1st Air Assault conducted Support Services Certification on SEP 11. Support Services Certification reviews the following skillsets;
  • Using Simplex Support Services module
  • Requesting Support
  • Understanding and requesting QCas
The following members completed the 1st Air Assault Support Services Certification on the above date, join us in congratulating the following;
  • Cole.C
  • Kilmartin.T
  • Monty.M
  • Potts.C
  • Rick.M
  • Squeaks.D
  • Stu.E

  • Rich.R
  • Kemper.D

Assisted by
  • Zulu!
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]
Congratulations to Cole.C, Kilmartin.T, Monty.M, Potts.C, Rick.M, and Squeaks.D on completion of the 1st Air Assault Support Services Certification course. Well done to all of you. Thank you for training us Rich.R and Kemper.D.
[Image: 253_1631715974.png]
Congrats guys !
[Image: Gxhjxkg.png]
I like to say a great job to my classmates!!
[Image: 224_1626356868.png]
Thank you Monty.M and Tom.H.
[Image: 253_1631715974.png]

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