Gordon.F - Welcome to 1st Air Assault
We are proud to announce Gordon.F has joined the brotherhood of 1st Air Assault.

Welcome to 1st Air Assault, we are lucky to have you!

[Image: KAETWo.png]
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]
Welcome! Look forward to working with you
[Image: 224_1626356868.png]
[Image: 3_1619609697.png]
Welcome to 1st Air Assault Gordon.F.
[Image: 253_1631715974.png]
Awesome, welcome Gordon!
[Image: 237_1627716175.png]
Welcome to the group Gordon !
Hope you'll get your share of fun with us !
[Image: Gxhjxkg.png]
Thank you all for having me! I'm looking forward to be out in the field with you guys, and I'll do my best to contribute wherever I can. Smile

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