Camp Moore Update - Hotel
Camp Moore map has been updated to version HOTEL. Members should try and use this version, unless the CMT course is being conducted.

Added Parachute training area. 
  • Created many moons ago (was in the original Camp Moore, pre-active group!) updated it for the Delta assessment and updated it again!
  • Offers the ability to train twelve at a time
  • Gives three options; Static (low level 200M), HALO (High Altitude Low Opening - 2000M), HAHO (High Altitude High Opening - 3000M)
  • Static and HALO are above the LZ, HAHO places the player at the western island coastline

Added access to LHD and destroyer
  • Fixed the teleportation we had before that allows members to teleport onto the LHD and destroyer at the harbor. Previously it affected the respawn location, placing members in the ocean. Used a different method for the newer version.
  • Allows for training from the LHD and destroyer
  • Bearing in mind the above, the LHD and destroyer have been dressed and GOM laptops added.
The above additions are open and available for use by all members across all squads!

  • Fix flag - need to update the flags honoring where are members are from. will happen with the next mod pack update

Anything else?
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]
R & U. Thank you for updating Camp Moore for us Rich.R.
[Image: 253_1631715974.png]
I can finally test how fast I can hit the ground without worry !
[Image: Gxhjxkg.png]
Mighty fine Thumbs up

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