Slot Assignments and Role Adjustment
Executive Command is proud to announce the following changes, effective immediately.

Delta Squad
We've reached an incredible moment in the short but awesome history of the group, having all planned squads operational and staffed.

With the following slot assignments Delta squad will become an operational unit within the group. It should be noted, we won't be fielding Delta immediately, instead allow the newly assigned personnel an opportunity to ensure they and the squad can fulfill the duties and expectations of their reconnaissance role within 1st Air Assault.

Changing Designated Marksman Role
Although we've always had the intent of using the Designated Marksman role, its never been fully utilized. Executive Command is changing the designation of the 2-2 slot from that of DM to Grenadier, which can be filled without any type of certifications.

Slot Assignments
Executive Command tries to balance the squads and roles with experienced members and those who have recently completed their Fundamental Skills Training. Please take a moment to review the new slot assignments below and join us in congratulating all the members for their new roles and responsibilities within the group.

New assignments are indicated in red.

1-0 Kemper.D
1-1 Available
1-2 Lightfoot.M
1-3 Rick.M
1-4 Potts.C
1-5 Hasset.R
1-6 Available

1-0 Gary.B
1-1 Available
1-2 Wasim.A
1-3 Jackson.J
1-4 Kilmartin.T
1-5 Richard.K
1-6 Node. D

2-1 Mike.R
2-2 Clarke.J
2-3 Yarn.Y
2-4 Squeaks.D
2-5 Matt.D
2-6 Doc.P

1-0 Sturge.P
1-1 Available
1-2 Isaac.K
1-3 Torben.H
1-4 Mayhew.N
1-5 Obi.O
1-6 Black.N

2-1 Available
2-2 Robert.O
2-3 Ares.A
2-4 Flavien.B
2-5 Celestin.B
2-6 Available

1-0 Rich.R
1-1 Available
1-2 Available
1-3 Available
1-4 Wick.J
1-5 Monty.M
1-6 Tom.H

1-0 James.A
1-1 Jim.K
1-2 Mccoy.L
1-3 Chew.J
1-4 Available
1-5 Available
1-6 Available
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]
R&U. Huzzah!! Congrats and best of luck to everyone in their new slots and assignments!
[Image: 224_1626356868.png]
R & U Thank you for this opportunity and I'm glad to see all in their new assignments!

Scouts Out
read & understood.
[Image: 60_1622488667.png]
Congratulations, all. Excited to see you all grow in positions and the group evolve alongside it.
[Image: 174_1620508948.png]
Congrats to everyone, goodluck!
[Image: 35_1619610051.png]
Congrats everyone on the new assignment !
Especially to James.A, hope you'll have your share of fun managing Zulu !
[Image: Gxhjxkg.png]
well done everyone! sad to Rich out of charlie , wont forget my time with them! but at the same time exciting to see new doors open for this group
[Image: 173_1622488728.png]
R & U. Congratulations to everyone on your new position assignments within 1st Air Assault. Well done everyone!.
[Image: 253_1631715974.png]

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