2-Year Anniversary Video
Gentlemen, as some of you might know the 2-year anniversary is getting closer,
 and for this year we decided to focus on the most precious thing we have. you. our faithful members.
EC would like to invite you to share some of your favorite moments with the group and submit them via video recording or submit a photo and a voice recording to be featured in the 2-year anniversary video.

please send the videos using the following method, [Hey/hello Isaac this is ( you're name ) ].
this will make it easy to identify and archive them. 

Please send the videos to this Email address:1aaisaac.k@gmail.com

The questions you need to answer are.
1. Why you joined the group?
2. What do you like about the group?
3. Favorite moment or mission and why?
4. Give one word that describes the group.

Again you are under no obligation to send a video if you don’t want to.
And if you want to submit a video using your in-game Character please send me a message on 
Discord and we’ll set up a time to do so.

On behalf of EC
[Image: 60_1622488667.png]
Here's what it looked like in our last anniversary video (6'36 mark)

If we have more member 'stuff' it will most likely be used throughout the video.
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]

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