Alpha Realignment
Anyone who understands the history of 1st Air Assault knows, like many other online gaming groups, most of what we do started as notes on a piece of paper. For the most part, we're pretty much how the group was initially planned. Because not every idea worked as well as it sounded we've improved some stuff, such as adjusting what Alpha looks like.

Alpha will still be the support squad it is with the personnel assigned to it. Executive Command will be adding a clear definition of each roles responsibilities. What will look different is how the squad is structured. Currently Alpha has the following structure;

1-0 Squad Lead
1-4 AR
1-6 Medic
1-7 Rifleman/weapon specialist
1-8 Rifleman/weapon specialist
1-9 Battlefield Coordinator

Going forward, Alpha will have the following organization;

1-0 Squad Lead
1-1 Fire team Lead
1-2 Battlefield Coordinator
1-3 Rifleman/weapon specialist
1-4 AR
1-5 Rifleman/weapon specialist
1-6 Medic

Two things will be achieved through this change;
  • The structure will bring Alpha inline with the other squads in 1st Air Assault
  • The addition of a Chain of Command slot (Fireteam Lead) will allow for improved personnel and task management.
When formed, the same organization will be applied to Delta.
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]

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