Fighting around the world, and through time, with respect
This post is covers something this group already does really well, to not only highlight how it’s appreciated by many but remind us all of why it’s important to maintain.

1st Air Assault has always shown a high-level of respect to all our members who collectively represent 16 different countries. The group has fought a range of nationalities in our fictitious world of Arma, yet no one has ever used derogatory nicknames towards any group in-game. This is an amazing statement, and the fact it happens effortlessly makes it even more special. Anyone who has played on public servers knows this isn’t usually the case, we even had an incident in a past group where an unacceptable term was used for a certain nationality during an official operation. To my knowledge this has never happened here.

At the time of writing this post, 1st Air Assault is about to immerse itself into World War 2 for three missions. We all grew up on World War 2 movies that used colorful descriptions of the opposing forces but we shouldn’t let ourselves get carried away over the next few weeks. Let’s continue the high-level of respect we show each other as well as the place everyone calls home.

We want everyone to have fun, but we should make sure the next three missions are fun for everyone.

Again, this post isn’t meant as anything more than thanks to everyone for doing what they’ve already done and remind ourselves how important it is to continue doing it!
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So no racial slurs, gotcha :p

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