1st Air Assault One Year Service Award - Emiel.S and Kemper.D
The following members have served in the online gaming group known as 1st Air Assault for One Year.

They have shown ongoing dedication to the group, its core values and helped build 1st Air Assault's reputation to what it is today.

Let the record show they exemplified the unit's motto of 'Swift, Silent and Strong' for 12 months of new challenges and difficult operations. Join Executive Command in congratulating the following members;
  • Emiel.S
  • Kemper.D
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]
Congrats guys !

Glad to have spent this time with you both !
[Image: S28YkxC.png]
Congrats both!
[Image: 174_1620508948.png]
Congratulations guys
[Image: 3_1619609697.png]
Woot woot!
[Image: 150_1620509884.png]
Congratulations boys.
[Image: 60_1619610136.png]
Thanks, everyone! Here's to many more!
[Image: 47_1619996726.png]
[Image: 35_1619610051.png]

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