Updates about the group
We wanted to share some exciting things going on with 1st Air Assault with the members. Here's an overview;
  • News about the next round of slot assignments
  • An exciting new role and opportunity
  • Zulu and available pilot roles
  • Upcoming courses
  • Changing out the groups servers, all of them!

Slot Assignments
We've had quite a few members complete their FST and are ready to enjoy a permanent role in the group. Executive Command will finalize these on Sunday April 4th. Anyone who hasn't submitted a slot request or if you're currently in a slot and would like to move to another role within the group, now would be the time to put in your request. It can be done by going here.

If you're happy with your slot, you don't have to submit a slot request.

Be sure to read this entire post as there's information about existing and new roles within the group.

New Role
Recently we expanded the Alpha 1-6 slot from being the unit's lead medic to include the duties of Battlefield Coordinator (BC). The BC uses whatever is available to them (CTAB, Drone, etc) to keep eyes on 1AA assets so they can either relay vital information to the various squads or give Zero Alpha what could be considered as a unit-sized sitrep. 

We're expanding these BC duties from the Alpha 1-6 slot to that of Alpha 1-9 which will be a secondary BC and lead medic. The 1-9 role will step in for 1-6 if Themelis isn't in-mission, or if its a complex mission that could use two BC's, they'll obviously work with 1-6 to deliver the needed intelligence. 

Any member interested in this role needs to let EC know by Friday. Ideally, members should have their Combat Medic Certification, if not, be prepared to complete the upcoming course. Anyone who would like to know more details about the BC role should reach out to EC or even Themelis who has really developed the role since taking it on a few months ago.

It may be hard for more seasoned members grasp (those who remember the many Sundays we wondered how we would be able to do the 'air' part of 'air assault' due to the lack of pilots) but Zulu is pretty much maxed out for full-time pilots. Members can still go through the assessment to be reserve pilots.

Upcoming Courses
Members who have completed their Fundamental Skills Training are encouraged to consider the following certification courses;
  • Combat Medical Training - April 10 and 17th (attendance required on both days for completion). Required for members interested in the medic slots. Sign up here.
  • Leadership Training - April 24th, May 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29th proposed. (Attendance required on all dates for completion). Required for members interested in Fire Team Lead or Squad Lead roles. Sign up post pending.

Changing servers
The three services we use are going to be consolidated into one provider. Our game server, TeamSpeak and forums will all be moved to NFO servers. The cost is about the same but they will be easier to manage, we get a little more space for our growing group, and the forum will be a secured website.

Along with this change will be a streamlined roll call system and some back end stuff to make everything a lot easier to keep track of all the training and certifications being completed by everyone.

Big shout out to Lightfoot who has worked hard helping EC set up the services and basically created the new roll call systems!

No one should notice when we switch over, but members should consider two points;
  • If you're going to make a long and complicated post, save a copy in case it isn't packed into a box when we move
  • Pay attention to the forums and discord for new TS and server login details.

Any questions about any of the above, feel free to post here or PM EC (Gary, Rich and Zach)
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R & U, glad to see how the group is evolving !
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