Completion of Fundamental Skills Training 20 FEB 2021
With the completion of Fundamental Skills Training the following have earned themselves full membership in the NATO military organization known as 1st Air Assault. Join us in congratulating the following as they proudly wear the tab of Air Assault and the flag of NATO's 1st Air Assault.

Graduating Members
  • Black. N
  • Wiley. B
  • Themelis. J
[Image: 20_1619549320.png]
Good work folks!
[Image: 92_1619547971.png]
[Image: 1_1619522948.png]
Well done guys
[Image: 126_1619557621.png]
Nice job guys!
[Image: 47_1619996726.png]
Well done
[Image: 3_1619609697.png]
Congrats both!

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