Delta Assessment
Let it be known Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) have ordered the expansion of 1st Air Assault and hereby commissions Delta squad.

Delta squad's primary designation is reconnaissance and Quick Response duties during operations. Personnel are trained and equipped to manage these duties.

Interested members should meet or understand the following;
  • Completion of all FST's by the time of the assignment
  • Attendance must remain at 75% or better
  • Delta may be expected to be in the server up to one full hour before official operations
  • Additional training will be required to retain the role
  • This is another squad within the group assigned specific duties, no more no less
Due the small size of the newly-commissioned squad and an expectation of operating beyond immediate assistance from other 1st Air Assault assets, an evaluation will be conducted. This will allow applicants the opportunity to demonstrate a foundational set of skills and knowledge required for the squad.

The evaluation will include the following areas of knowledge and skill sets;
  • An understanding of 1st Air Assault's Standard Operating Procedures, doctrine and basic operational knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Support - QCAS and Support requests and assets
  • Reconnaissance
  • Parachuting
  • Combat medical
Evaluation Date: TBD

Evaluation will be managed by select trainers and Executive Command.

Any members interested in attending the evaluation should reply below for updates and notifications.
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