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Currently, recruitment for ground roles is open.

Currently, recruitment for pilot roles is open.

For any closed roles should you wish to join you can still submit an application to show interest however there will be an undetermined time and wait list before we may contact you when there is an open slot to determine if you are still interested in that role and the group.

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1st Air Assault doesn't allow dual-clanning. We want to be your one and only Arma mil-sim love!

However, our members can be part of the following group types;
- Star Sim
- Life server
- Warhammer
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Members are allowed to choose their group name. The format should be [Name].[Initial]. First names can be used!

Please chose something realistic and easy to pronounce by our members who are located all around the world.

Out of respect, we ask applicants not to request famous names such as;
- Patton.G
- Winters.R

Understand, a requested name may be unavailable because its already in use.
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- Some roles require additional training and attendance.
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Apex is required to join 1st Air Assault
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