1st Air Assault’s Training

It’s More Fun Than You Think It Is.

The primary reason 1st Air Assault takes the time and makes the effort to not only train new members but continue to expand the group competencies and skill sets is a desire to play Arma 3 to the very best of our ability.

New Members
All new members complete Fundamental Skills Training (FST). This reviews the minimum requirements of basic skills and knowledge base a new member must demonstrate to effectively operate in 1st Air Assault (1AA).

Any experience and knowledge new members bring will always be valued and respected. The primary function of FST is to ensure all 1AA personnel have the same foundation of skill sets to build from and reference during operations. FST not only allows everyone to ‘speak the same language’ but more importantly ‘skin the cat’ in the same manner.

Furthermore, the consistent use of FST offers member’s assurance every player underwent the same detailed, quality training. This could be considered a type of combat confidence.

FST is taught in a specific order with satisfactory completion of each stage required to take the next. Completion of the entire FST will leave new members with a clear understanding of expectations and how the group operates in and out of game.

1st Air Assault has created training documents and videos which give new members the opportunity to learn at their own pace and attend the formal review of the knowledge prepared. Known as a Fundamental Skills Training Module, the pre-learning saves new members having a trainer reading a manual to them in-game.

Weekly Training
Weekly training completed as a group helps team-building and quite frankly its fun!

The subject matter is scheduled out months in advance and can range from HALO techniques to using explosives, mortars and drones. As we said, its really fun!

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