But is it really ‘Just a game’?

The group sets certain in-game standards to create an immersive world for the unit and deliver the style and quality of gameplay the group was created for. Some of the following standards are relaxed for casual gameplay on the 1AA server.

1st Air Assault is either on deployment, filling military needs for NATO Member Nations as ordered or training. Deployments can last two or three months. Deployments consist of an in-game storyline with any outcome decided by the success or failure of 1st Air Assault. Training is completed within the Area of Operations.

In between deployments, the group trains and conducts live-fire missions at its headquarters located on Hebontes.

The following standards are applied to player’s views to create a realistic gaming environment;

  • A First-Person view is forced for any member on-foot.
    (An exception to this is when training. The third-person view acts as a training aid)
  • First or Third Person is available when operating both ground and air vehicles
  • Name tags or speech indicators are not used
  • Crosshairs are not used
  • Map view restrictions hide BluFor and enemy icons

While the respawning of players and equipment will be mission dependent, the following are 1AA’s guidelines;

  • The number of 1AA vehicles respawned cannot exceed what’s maintained in the unit’s inventory
  • The re-insertion of members will be mission dependent and/or when landing zones are secured.

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