Completion of Combat Medic Training - 25 JUL 2020
1st Air Assault conducted Combat Medic Certification Training on 26 JUN 2020.

Completion of this training qualifies members for the role of Combat Medic or Combat Lifesaver in 1st Air Assault.

Please join us in congratulating the following members for completing the 1st Air Assault Combat Medic Training;
  • Gary,B
  • Kemper.D
  • Ray.L
  • Rich.R
  • Richard.K
  • Tom.H
  • Themelis.J
  • Zach.H

Ribbon Signatures for the above have been updated.

  • Themelis.J
  • Tom.H

[Image: iwQiK8.png]
[Image: 6HzQd4.png]
Once again big thanks to Tom and Themelis for making this course.
[Image: gIdYLO.png]
Well done guys! Your attention to detail never cease to amaze me.
[Image: glxSLi.png]
Congratulations guys, having so many people trained in the medic profession can only be a significant advantage.. Sign me up for the next course.
[Image: nuMcfP.png]
Was preparing to show off in the mission yesterday. But I just keep dying over and over again!!! LoL
[Image: rwu9Z1.png]

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