Very first Official ACE Medical Training Course - PICS
Well done to Themelis and Tom for their Combat Medic Course!

[Image: IrOaSp.jpg]

[Image: Pjw5Rn.jpg]
[Image: 6HzQd4.png]
Well done!
[Image: rwu9Z1.png]
Yes well done Tom and Themelis!!!!!! Really well paced and pitched at the right level. Great use of the VR mod as well.
[Image: FVkIW0.png]
Thanks for the great feedback and assistance everybody gave us throughout the process of creating the course, it helped streamline the training and made sure we had some great info we could bring to the table in an engaging way. Huge shout out to Tom for the help writing the course material alongside me, and handling the technical stuff like setting up the dummies we used and creating the training area, could not have done it without him. Awesome to hear that some people learned some new stuff about the medical system as well and have a new skill they can add to our group. Thanks gents
[Image: LgEf4X.png]
Sounds like both Tom and Themelis have done an outstanding job with the Medic course, Congratulations guys you hard work is really appreciated and may you reap the rewards of your endeavours.
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