NATO Air Medal - Richard.K, James. A, Peez.L
The NATO Air Medal is a military award presented to aviators who distinguished themselves by outstanding achievements and going beyond duty.

It is our proud honor to award the NATO Air Medal to the following;
  • Richard.K
  • James. A
  • Peez.L
Join Executive Command in congratulating Zach on his well-earned recognition.

[Image: zYtcdN.png]
[Image: 6HzQd4.png]
Congratulations Guys, Zach has a truly gifted team under him. They have all done him proud.
That was some truly outstanding work by you guys and for the security team to turn inwards to watch those landings is just something that rarely happens, that is how special it was.
Great teamwork guys.
[Image: nuMcfP.png]

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