Upcomming campaign reveal!
Welcome to the suck!

[Image: IPzlqx.png]
Oh no, Vietnam Jungle!!
I think I have bone spurs.
[Image: 2ie0UC.png]
I'm moving to Canada man.

Here's some mood music, track one, track two, track three
[Image: FVkIW0.png]
@Keen No problem, we need you to move slow anyway. Don't want you to walk into traps or step on mines.

@Gary Let me arrange you a nice plane to Paris instead, and with that i mean Paris Island.
[Image: IPzlqx.png]
Wow, was this campaign also fought by 1AA? I didn't know that we have a time machine!
[Image: nKWNke.png]
I am so hyped!
[Image: lmrCgl.png]
@Ray Yup, i arranged a bunch of Delorean's and we are going back in time!
[Image: IPzlqx.png]
I can see one person that will be overcome with joy. that would be Richard. get ready boys we will hear a lot of Richard's Vietnam playlist.
[Image: G9oifG.png]
Let's get ready for an awesome summer camp!
[Image: RFVuo1W.png]
Themelis is quiet Smile
[Image: 2ie0UC.png]

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