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Role's and loadouts
Hello Everyone,

I was thinking that each role could have more selection for personal preference rather than having to stick with a pre selected loadout for example. 
marksman could have a selection of scopes in one of the weapon crates to choose from and a number of different rifles. same for each role, 
There could then be a more in depth training required for each role where the individual would have to qualify using each weapon in there selected role before they would be able to use them otherwise they would just have to stick with the original loadout. 

I hope I'm getting what I'm trying to say across. basically have more selection for people this could lead to custom slots being made like we had in AAA where individuals would have there names on uniforms and vests and they could have there own custom loadout. 

Thanks for reading my bad grammar and spelling Smile


JAN 25 2020

AAA Legacy Member
LOL, this is interesting. We are working on a Scout/DM training course as we speak (just sent out a PM about it in fact). The Scout/DM role will enjoy enhanced equipment but it will be limited to that role.

Members did enjoy their own customized vest in both AAA and RFA, we didn't have customized loadouts. It was pretty much what we have now, loadouts are tweaked for each slot.

And before anyone asks, no we are not having customized vests. Talk about a lot of work!!! LOL
Great idea!
I like the idea of having additional equipment that would enable you to adapt your loadout to your current mission or specific role.

But I feel it would hurt more to bring this choice to a single individual. The situation right now is that the mission maker is the one that enable the use of additional equipment.
If a different equipment is needed to take out targets at long range, they would provide it, if specific supplies can be used to take on an objective, they would provide it.
It is the mission maker that weighs the pros and cons of providing those options. And I believe it is for the best, at least for now.

And there are some points that would need to be resolved before I can see us using custom loadouts:
-Ease of use and training. Having multiple options increases potential, but also increase the skills and knowledge needed to use the equipment optimally. If someone needs to fill in to a slot that has custom equipment, they need to be able to use it effectively.
-Time spent on setup/briefing. Unless changed using the config files or by mission makers, if someone requests a change, it would either be in the next mod update or would push more work on mission makers. If we use your suggestion about having crates to pick and adapt your loadout, it would increase the time someone spends between briefing and mission start, if they have an issue/can't find it, we would spend more time and make everyone else wait.
-Mod updates/changes. If specific role is using an equipment provided by a mod that get's replaced or removed. We would have to either find out too late that they used a now removed/changed equipment, or would have to check with every mod update that everyone's default and optional equipment works.

Unless it would be to designate or replace a standard equipment that would be used for specific tasks, I don't see it being implemented without bringing issues with it.
Although I like the idea of custom vests, it would take a lot of time not only to make it in arma, but it would also mean some additional time for prep faze. I prefer uniforms and helmet/backpack markings. We have dogtags after all. As for DM I think we have a crate for them. As for different guns I think it would be a nice idea. Scout could bring in mk18. Someone could have SCA-H, but again it takes additional time in prep faze. I also think that for small armys like this it wouldn't make much sense to use anything but m4a1 in terms of logistics. Well maybe if we used only 5.56 m4 platform like the mk18 or some modded m4s. I've also been speaking about switching to HK416 but a fell in love with the m4a1 afterall.
What you will commonly find in the U.S. military is variations of currently issued rifles. Like Rich mentioned above, when he and I talked about a specialized load out my first recommendation was to build off of the current caliber weapon system we already employ. This helps mitigate issues between different team members. For instance, if I as the DM go down it should be very easy for another team member to retrieve my rifle and effectively fire on the enemy. With everyone using the same weapon type the team member would not have to worry about retrieving my ammunition as well. Also, the optics should be very similar to what we already use so nobody has to worry about sight adjustments. This helps streamline the retrieval of sensitive items on the battlefield.

I like the idea of everyone getting a little play with what they use. But, this sounds something more suited towards small scale operations like Delta squad.
Like in the real Military, I use what I'm told to use Smile
We represent a military formation and not a para military. Therefore one would expect standard load outs just as in the real world. From a command point of view having standardised weapons load outs means that the command element knows the capability of each squad member and each squad in terms of hitting power. This is a key element in the tactical planning cycle.
I need to learn never post before Gary as whatever I write just sounds like ‘yeah it’s a thing about the thingy’. General nonsensical jibberish.

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