Thank you everyone!!!!
Just wanted to throw out a huge thank you to everyone who has stepped forward to not only become a part of this group, but turn up every Sunday and play the game as hard as it needs to be played. 

Regardless what has been thrown at us, not one person has ever backed down from the challenge. Not one member has ever asked to start the mission again or asked for a ‘Do-over’.

I personally have never played with such a fine quality of individuals as we have in this group right now. Bearing in mind the occasional ‘legacy’ stories that come out, I hope everyone takes that compliment in the high regard it’s given.

Thanks for everything, being part of the group, your effort and all you do to continue to shape this group into the Arma destination it’s becoming.
Wow where did this come from :') . I have to agree on 100%. But lots of this wouldn't be here without you.
wow, not sure how to reply to that Rich other than to say I agree with you 100%
I agree! I must say that from the first day I joined, everyone was so kind, understanding and this group made my life so much better. All these people that I play with are amazing and I really enjoy being in this group. I agree 100% with you and thank you everyone !

( I am not a emotional type of a person so I tried my best typing this lol )
I agree, we got a very nice group here. Very great people, very polite and kind community we have here.
Well said, Rich. If they are new to ArmA or have hundreds of hours the people we have always seem to enjoy taking on any challenge, whether it's a difficult mission or somebody trying a new role for the first time. The effort shows even away from game time, just look at all the great work everybody has done making missions, helping new members and working together to get mods up and running. Thanks everyone!
I definitely appreciate the compliment, Rich! Whether we are in a firefight, training, or waiting for mission briefs there is always something to do. I really like the lulls where I get to hear everyone's stories. Very true to life!

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