Deployment Shadow Campaign Medal
The following members exhibited an outstanding performance during the entirety of Deployment Shadow, an action in the country of Finland in 2020.

Let the record show they completed every operation 1st Air Assault was tasked during the units deployment in Finland. Join Executive Command in congratulating the following members;
  • Gary
  • Rich
  • Richard
  • Themelis

[Image: wJU6MU.png]
Congratulations guys! Thank you for being an amazing part of the group and thank you for playing. You deserve it!
Hats off, Gents! Thank you all for your dedication!
So is there a ribon for the most epic parachute landing ever? The landing that went perfectly against all odds? No? Darn.

Congrats guys!
Congrats guys and well done..
congrats guys! looking forward to joining u
Well done!

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