Starting time!

The US is springing forward to daylight savings time. While the US leaps forward, Europe keeps its clocks exactly where they are (at least for a few weeks).

EC has decided to let the US types sleep in an extra hour until Europe catches up!!!! This weekend US members should be ready to start the mission at 0700 CST.

Any questions, PM EC
  • Gary
  • Linden
  • Rich
  • Silvester
Remember, there is no snoring in Arma 3!!!

Here is a neat website if you want to see clearly the changed times with different time zones.
(Just add your specific time zone or main city on the top left)

You can even get meeting times quickly for every time zones selected.

CST/CDT, Central Standard Time (US)
07:00 Sun, Mar 8 2020
12:00 Sun, Mar 8 2020

UTC, Coordinated Universal Time
12:00 Sun, Mar 8 2020
17:00 Sun, Mar 8 2020

CET/CEST, Central European Time
13:00 Sun, Mar 8 2020
18:00 Sun, Mar 8 2020
Thanks to Tom for the resource!!!!

Just for clarification, The US Based members will continue to turn up at 0700 on Sunday until Europe springs forward with their own time change. This means;
  • MAR 15 0700 CST/1200 UK
  • MAR 22 0700 CST/1200UK
  • MAR29 0600 CST/1200UK
Reach out to EC if you have any questions or concerns!

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