Operation Fat Lady -Not a full-blown AAR but thoughts
When I came on here to share something that occurred to me, something other stuff came to mind so here's small list of items from todays op and gameplay in general.

The first was my original thought. Taking an airfield is a tough thing to do. No real cover, lots of stuff you're not supposed to destroy and plenty of places to attack and counter attack from. To the point this tends to be a specialized op with a lot more people.

I honestly don't think we could've done this op 60 days ago, which speaks volumes to everyone involved.

With all that in mind, we did pretty well today.

Cannot thank everyone enough for their patience as we worked through Arma throwing a hissy fit. While we love it makes the game what it is and its certainly good to look back on, being in the middle of it isn't so much fun.

We need to find our balance between movement and stationary organization. While we're not there yet, its certainly improving. Moving too quickly is as deadly as rushing into something with each situation demanding its own pace.

See something, say something. Not only does this apply to reporting contacts but also tactics. There are a lot of things going on and an obvious idea might be missed. Think we should throw smoke, let someone know. Have a wacky idea, bring it up. If you see someone is crouched when they should be standing or weapons up when its weapons down, let them know. Playing Arma is a type of finger-ballet while wacking moles and chewing gum, we all need the occasional hint or a 'btw'.

Make it quick and respectful and it will go a long way.

I missed three obvious things that would've made a world of difference today;
  • Climbing over the wired fence
  • Using flashbangs to enter the warehouse
  • Smoke to cover movement to the terminal
I do think we continue to play this game to test our skill sets and certainly for myself, it makes me feel better walking away from a game with a bloodied nose after through a tough mission than moving through the numbers of easy AI and cliched missions.
One thing I saw yesterday while being in lead (warlords - super AR man :D) was that the training does really pay off. When playing with my previous unit I had lots of thoughts and movements thought out but none of them worked 'cuz the unit wasn't coordinated. Here its on totally different level. I could free my mind of thoughts what would work and not with other players. Everything went fast and smooth. I just said that we're doing bounding and I arranged the teams in like 8s and then we bounded. Right after we ended I said "Shift left" and everyone started doing just what I said. And urban movement and protocols. Whoa that was amazing.

And to Richs point of -Climbing over the wired fence. Wire cutters could have been used (ACE mod).
Hey first good job to everyone today,I only done one reinsert today and I’m my mind that’s awesome as it is Wink it’s not what you train us it’s how you do it that makes a very big difference between here and other units,casual and fun,that’s why we are jelling so easy(my opinion on what I have seen so far)
Yes there is little things need tweaking but that goes without saying
I love it hear and if you keep doing what your doing I’m going no where(shit they say haha)
I myself am still a noob to Arma but come talk to me I have so many mission Ideas in my head,Tanoa mainly sorry lol

Bit high again lol oops

From that first origins video I wanted in the AA and had to wait a while,I have some tricks up my sleeve,all I need to learn is to run the mission Wink

You guys should be proud what you have accomplished in such a short time and I know for sure it will get bigger and better

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