Hello World!
Hey lee if you want some help flying let me know mate,I’m a decent pilot and can help you out all I can Smile
Excellent, cheers. I'll give you a shout.
(02-11-2020, 01:52 PM)Lee.D Wrote:
(02-11-2020, 12:41 PM)Richard.K Wrote:
(02-10-2020, 11:44 AM)Lee.D Wrote:
(02-10-2020, 11:33 AM)Richard.K Wrote: "New to arma" good luck with learning all the controls Big Grin. What roles do you want do ? Hope you enjoy your time with us. I really enjoy playing here we're an awesome group.

Anyway I'm glad we have another player in out group and once again
Ultimately I`d like to be a Pilot, though I require LOTS of practice to get to a good standard. 

I`d like to be a Marksman also, again need to train but I`m willing to put in the time to improve.  I`m looking forward to it!
Don't worry you'll get it quickly. I can help you with the basics of both roles if you want.
Excellent, cheers. I'll definitely take you up on that offer. Add me on steam if you want, same name as here.
There are lot of profiles with the same name. Here's my steam friend number 177234108.
Sent an invite, cheers.
Here are some easy ways to stay in touch with other 1AA members (I know some of you are doing this already)

Group page on Steam
Join us! Don't forget to 'friend other members of the group on Steam as well!

1st Air Assault Units Page
Join us!
Sent friend requests to everyone in the group.
fáilte roimh lee ar bord
I'm not that Scottish!

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