Completion of Zulu Assessment - Isaac.K & Mccoy.L
Executive Command is pleased to announce that Isaac.K and Mccoy.L have completed the Zulu assessment process. Both will join Zulu as reserve pilots and receive training to operate in the air as needed to support the 1AA mission.

Isaac.K and Mccoy.L have committed to continuing with aviation training across the entire fleet of aircraft and Standard Operating Procedures used by 1st Air Assault, and they have shown the necessary skills and abilities to operate safely and efficiently in the combat environment.

Join us in congratulating them on this achievement!

[Image: kOqZoVk.png]
Congratulations, both!
[Image: GLY1Xr.png]
[Image: o8HcsB.png]
Good job guys !
[Image: m2xPFof.png]
Congratulations guys! I'm sure you both will enjoy your time in the air. Looking forward to working with you both from Alpha!
[Image: qzVA0j.png]
Good job and welcome to Zulu!
[Image: iJq527.png]
Zulu 1-2
good job
Congratulations to you both! o7

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