Jim.K - Welcome to 1st Air Assault
We are proud to announce Jim.K has joined the brotherhood of 1st Air Assault.

Welcome to 1st Air Assault, we are lucky to have you!

[Image: KAETWo.png]
[Image: o8HcsB.png]
[Image: bvKGvQ.png]
Welcome to 1AA
[Image: 1HkUlj.png]
[Image: qzVA0j.png]
[Image: W7OQvc.png]
Welcome to the group Jim !
[Image: m2xPFof.png]
[Image: t82cfM.png]
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Look forward to learning and operating with you all.
[Image: G9W5nl.png]
Looking forward to seeing you in-game Jim!
[Image: o8HcsB.png]

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