3 JAN 2021 AAR
Another fun day as usual, my Sundays are usually really tight on time sorry I couldn't stick around for debrief so chances are I'll repeat some things that were already said. Alpha - as usual you guys were awesome, great communication and quick decision making stood out today. Clearing compounds very efficiently, setting up and quickly moving our temporary over watch positions to keep momentum with Bravo/Charlie with only 4 people was certainly a challenge and Alpha did well. Bravo & Charlie I didn't get to see you all that much, but I got some views of you bounding across an open area while assaulting a compound and it looked absolutely textbook it was really cool to see how fast everybody got to the objective while maintaining fire on the target your team leads should be proud of you.

Today I think overall communications could have been better. There were moments when all traffic was going through 0-A that could have been better streamlined by going direct with certain lead elements. For example coordinating supplies and a new LSV for Alpha squad, I think our 1-1 Kemper was really only contacted once or twice about the whole thing while Zach had to juggle the resupply and coordinate all the other assets. I'm not sure if this contributed to the mix up where we got the wrong vehicle dropped to us, and even when we finally got the LSV it was unarmed, but I'm sure the comms situation didn't help this. In the future, if tactically feasible, we should try and go direct with the squad or team leader that we are assisting after receiving an order from 0-A. Even if they are busy they can designate another team member to be the go-between to coordinate things.

The mortar - I think this is a case of just using the tools we have in the right way. Today Alpha received one call for fire to attack an APC that was spotted in an urban area; which I think was taken out by AT later on. I could be mistaken by I was under the impression that there would be a call for mortar fire to bombard the city to soften it up before friendly elements assaulted the area. I think this would be exactly the type of job a mortar would be great for, other than attacking entrenchments or laying smoke over an area to conceal movement. If we have AT or Zulu in the air able to engage armor then I think it's best if we do so. By the time we get a proper call for fire, send rounds, and adjust fire onto the target, a vehicle might have moved or high explosive rounds might have no effect other than taking out wheels/tracks. Just something to keep in mind as we move forward, but its a new addition to our arsenal so it will take us all a little time to really get suited to using it.

A great training day, everybody did an awesome job and I think we all learned a lot and got more comfortable with some things we haven't done in a bit, can't wait to see how we all perform next week.
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