Saturdays With Zeus
i'm organizing a little Zeus mission for next saturday, time is to be decided still... to be honest it's more of an excuse for me to practice with zeus and comms, as of now we're in 6 total in the group but it is not said they're all gonna be there.
Regarding the mission i'll keep it brief and very straight forward.
the idea is to get into the AO and fire at the bad guys because they're bad and they do bad stuff;
for example last time i had the guys to clear a small village from radio towers and enemy forces, we used demo blocks too Smile
once the objective is cleared we'll switch the map back to camp moore as soon as possible. feedback is apreciated but not mandatory so if you want to report back i'll be all ears in TS.
with this being said you can reach out to me anytime either in here or discord, i'll post the invite link down here somewhere (that is to avoid genereal clutter in the main server)
see you Saturday!


[Image: Zeus_Vibe_Check.png]
[Image: gWMdae.png]
Sounds like fun! You should put this on the 1AA calendar to make sure no one else books the server Smile
[Image: BjRU3D.png]

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