Happy New Years! Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021!!
Because of the different parts of world our members live in, our group will cumulatively celebrate going into 2021 over a period of time in different fashions, most of which are surely affected by to ongoing COVID virus.

Many of us have faced challenges in our own lives, whether it came from issues or concerns around work, family, friends or even the mood of the country they call home.

Members are free to use this thread to discuss this moment in whatever manner they would likeSmile

Happy to lead by example I'll start it off. 

Looking at our online family first, 1st Air Assault came into 2020 with a whopping 10 players in our first mission of the year. Our final operation on 12/26/2020 saw 28 people in-game, which doesn't include quite a few members who couldn't attend due to the holidays.

But we go beyond the numbers, with true success reflected in the quality of those who chose 1st Air Assault for their Arma home, and most importantly, choose to stay. The group enjoys active members who dedicate so much of their time and take a genuine interest in making this a fun, challenging place to hang our in-game berets.

Everyone has their stories of the random circumstances or internet searches that brought them to 1st Air Assault, but the most interesting chapter is what each and everyone one of us have done when we got here. We tell applicants they get out of the group what they put in, and this is seen in the number of training courses, forms, SOPs and mods enjoyed by 1st Air Assault that came from the suggestions and enthusiasm of members.

From the start, we were determined to bring on Arma players who fit the group, had the same focus and desire so to speak. Everyone has heard the phrase 'We'd rather play with 10 quality people who enjoy Arma the same way than 80 gamers running around doing their own thing'. 

Admittedly, it can be challenging to continuously jump online to chat with applicants, sometimes five or six times a week. Nor is it easy to say 'no' to someone who expresses interest in our group. We are not 'LEET' nor are we the ultimate group to join. But what we are is a tight-knit group who enjoys each other's company in and out of game, tenacious in our drive to constantly improve in order to complete every task thrown at the group. Taking the right road and making those tough decisions around membership has led to quality members which in turn, allows us to be as determined as we are!

In my New Year celebrations, I'll look to the incredible people and remember the amazing moments of 1st Air Assault as some of my most treasured highlights in 2020. Not one to make resolutions, 'doing whatever I personally can to enable the group to keep being the awesome place it is as well as enjoying the friendships and making new ones' may just cross my mind when the clock strikes midnight.

Happy New Year to my 1st Air Assault family!!!
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Thank you guys for this year!

This is my first Arma group and I have never even thought about leaving. It was very fun to meet new people, learn new things and have lots and lots of fun. This group has come a long way from when I first joined. I never had so much fun in any other game than with you guys. Thanks a lot for being here and doing what you do. See you in 2021!
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Zulu 1-3
Well I thinks it's fair to say 2020 has not been the best year for any of us but coming together as a groups every Sunday to play ARMA3 with you all has certainly made it better for me. Here's to 2021, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
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Sunday's have consistently been a fun, welcomed relief from the mountain of other 2020 stresses! I am really lucky to have found my way back from my AAA days, and I do believe this just may be the best group of gaming friends I've had the pleasure of playing with! EC's mantra with recruiting has always been "quality over quantity" and I firmly back that all of our members are quality members, gamers, and people! Happy New Year!
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