LOA/Sabbatical - Taking time off from the group - Locked Thread
1st Air Assault has always encouraged putting real life before the group, but managing a member's time away from the group while keeping track of how many of us are available for our weekly operations has its challenges. The current 'Leave of Absence' process has also led to some misunderstandings.

To streamline the process and avoid any future misunderstandings we're moving to a new and more transparent system.

If members feel they will not be able to attend on a regular basis and/or need to be away from the group for an extended amount of time, they can request a 'Sabbatical'. This operates in the following fashion;
  1. A member requests a sabbatical.
  2. They are removed from any assigned slots.
  3. Forum privileges are adjusted to allow access to Personal Messages and most of the forum content.
  4. Discord and TeamSpeak privileges remain in place.
  5. No time is set for their return, instead when the member is ready to return they send a PM to Executive Command.
  6. Executive Command determines if any R&U's, training or other group matters that may've occurred during the member's sabbatical need to be completed. Its anticipated no updated training will be required.
  7. Full forum privileges are returned.
  8. If possible, a role is assigned.
Executive Command reserves the right to deny any member's request to return. Possible reasons could be;
  • Members joining another Arma 3 milsim community during their sabbatical.
  • Excessive use to the sabbatical process.
Please direct any questions about the above through a Personal Message to all members of Executive Command.
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