1st Air Assault Leadership Course - 202
1st Air Assault is proud to offer its Leadership Training once again.

The course isn’t meant to create a specific type of leader, instead allow members the opportunity to develop their own leadership style.

There is no secret recipe for making a leader, it’s a role mastered by different individuals in different ways. But the competencies of a good leader are agreed upon by worldwide militaries. Drawing from a variety of sources, 1st Air Assault have brought together skillsets that apply to leadership within the game of Arma 3 and the group.

This is the second time this course has been offered and is brought together based on demand or the need of the group. With the opening of new squads and additional leadership opportunities this seems like a great time to off the course again.

What it is
A requirement for Fireteam Leader or Squad Leader positions within the group
A 7-8 week course, during which the following will be completed
  • Leadership course
  • Medical Certification Course
  • Navigation Course
  • Drone Certification Course
  • Members will need to manage a Fireteam during a Sunday Operation to complete the course
    If any of the certification courses have been completed prior to being accepted into 1st Air Assault Leadership Course - 202 they will not need to be taken again
Who can attend
Members who have completed their Fundamental Skills Training
Attendees must be able to attend the entire course

Course Times
The course will be taught on consecutive Saturdays at 0600 CST/1200 UK (Start date to announced over the next two weeks)
No more than 2 hours at a time

If interested, reply to this post. The class will be limited in size.
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sounds awesome! count me in
[Image: gWMdae.png]
As a graduate I highly recommend attending this if you can! A lot of really good info. A few good life lessons, too.

"Trust but verify"
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Finally should have time to complete this. Would like to attend !
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i'm interested! One thing though, how long(in weeks) are the Leadership and Navigation courses?
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(10-17-2020, 04:14 PM)Mike.R Wrote: i'm interested! One thing though, how long(in weeks) are the Leadership and Navigation courses?

Great question. With all the courses included in the leadership course (those listed in the original post) its 7-8 weeks. If someone has completed one of the specialties already, then they can skip the week its being held for the leadership course.
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If there's still space, then count me in.

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