13 Sep 2020 Feedback / AAR
I know we wanted to keep things brief with all the guys we had on the mission today so this is just some thoughts I wanted to include so we can tackle these moving forward, and also give the newer members an idea of things we can work on when trainings pop up in the future. All the guys here know I tend to ramble, feel free to not read this at all if its gets too long.
First off, thanks to all who could make it, it helps the members assigned to leadership roles tremendously when everybody attending actually attends and it allows us to maximize our game time. Today was great fun like all of our ops I saw great coordination between all assets, great teamwork and a willingness to give 100% from everybody whether it was tackling an objective or working through an ArmA error to get back to your team. This is just a highlight of what I saw, what I noticed, and what I think is important for us to focus on to get even better moving forward.
Communication today was pretty rocky all around in Alpha. Information being passed to your team or to your team lead needs to follow our ABC’s we discuss in the FSTs. If there’s a contact, I need to know his direction, how many there are and how far away they are QUICKLY. Telling me they are behind us when we are in a 360 perimeter does not help anyone. Keep contact reports simple! If theres a bad dude really close by and you don't have time, just smoke him and report the contact when you can.

Mission critical information ALWAYS has priority! If we are currently taking effective fire and dealing with casualties and setting up a proper defense it is not the time to discuss who needs a morphine shot, the team leader needs open comms to effectively coordinate his guys and do his job to the best of his ability and the team members need open comms to report on the situation. There is a time and place for all information passed over comms.

There were several times at the end when Alpha was set up in the castle and Alpha 1-1 had to state MULTIPLE times to not engage the targets in the city, that we were only an observation team to assist the main effort. Yet it continued to happen to the point where we were barely observing and instead had to deal with casualties from the fight and had people run out of ammo. I know we had some newer guys with Alpha today, I don’t mean to ruin the fun but not every single mission is going to be a run and gun where everybody gets 20 kills, it just doesn’t happen. And it shows a big lack of respect for your team leader if he has to politely tell you to please stop firing into the city several times. I’m shocked that 0-A (who had Zeus powers) didn’t send 30 enemies or call indirect fire and completely crush us because we kept firing.

You may think I was a bit harsh for constantly talking on the radio telling you guys to clean up the formations, and that’s fair. However, I know for a fact all the members of Alpha today have passed FST 2 which covers formations in depth. If you do not recall what a formation looks like or where you should be, nobody will be upset just please tell us over comms! If you just assume a random spot then we are just a big blob of troops moving around and the effectiveness of our team is greatly reduced because of the lack of cohesion and a well placed grenade or automatic weapons burst can mean 4 casualties instead of 1.
I know it comes off blunt, this is just stuff to keep in our minds as we progress, we only get better! Excellent job by all today, looking forward to our next mission. Add your feedback below if you want! Figured 1AA Mission Review section of the forums was the best spot to put this, if not then feel free to move it to a more appropriate place, EC. Thanks.
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Very well put, Themelis! I have two things to add:

There was a bit of confusion when it came to bounding on the last LZ. I'm going to call myself out on not clarifying teams at the mission brief. It will be addressed next week. That being said, bounding movements will never differ from what is covered in FST and that is the reason it's covered in training. This is something that should be consistent across the board. When we landed on the LZ I tried to split us up into two teams. However, everyone kind of lumped into one group instead. I think adjusting fire and calling a slow-moving line formation worked perfectly, though. We effectively assaulted and secured the castle using unconventional means. Perhaps that opens a new SOP that could be trained on and utilized at a team level. But, this tactic is a little more dangerous and should only be used when necessary.

When it comes to directive and taking commands from your team leader it is the responsibility of the team member to execute that command. You may not always agree with it. It may not be the right call and you're more than welcome to challenge it (it's how we grow as a unit after all). But that's the way this group operates and maintains control. Coordinating 20+ people on the ground is already a difficult task for 0-A. If he/she has to now step in and enforce the squad/team leader's commands (this is known as micromanaging) it makes things difficult for everyone in the op. It pulls 0-A away from their responsibilities. It creates tension within the squad. And adds a layer of complexity to the team leader role. If this sounds like the pot calling the kettle black you would be absolutely correct. I failed in my responsibilities to correct these issues as they arised causing the rest of my team to have to step in and help manage. And I am grateful to those members for stepping up.

All things considered, Themelis nailed it when he said Alpha is a pretty fresh squad. Cohesion will come naturally as we further develop Alpha's place and role. Even with rotating different players through the slots each week, it is definitely an improvement from where we were three weeks ago! I, too, hope this doesn't come off as harsh. Constructive criticism works up and down the chain of command and I am always open to feedback. Even with the hiccups we had Alpha did a great job today. We had one person go down, but we didn't have to call for reinserts. That's an awesome achievement to walk away with! I'm excited to see what Alpha will do next!
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